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R&I Medieval style….?

This was a terrible idea…

The same sentence echoed through her mind as Maura dismounted, brushing off the dust and dirt of the day’s travel. She shook her head as if it would rid her of the sinking disappointment that had begun to settle in her bones from the moment she’d crested the hill to find Jane Rizzoli, heir to the Boston throne, chopping wood in front of a tiny cottage.

15 winters had passed since either had laid eyes on one another, since that bitterly cold day Maura had watched Jane disappear into the Forest without a word. There was a tightness in her chest as she approached, for once at a loss for words. She paused, only a few feet from Jane. The silence was maddening, but to misspeak would only make things worse. 

Jane paused briefly, letting the axe hang loosely in her grip. Dark eyes sliced through her and Maura felt as if she were drowning in them. Something tugged in the pit of her stomach, a feeling she thought she’d long ago set aside. She gave a faltering smile, willing her hands to stay at her side. 

"You…you got taller." And indeed she had. The small, compact girl she’d known in her youth had shot up to cut a razor thin slit in the light of the setting sun.

"You didn’t." Jane returned to her chopping. Maura flinched with every crack of blade against wood. 

This was a terrible idea…

Maura struggled to keep her head as she felt the panic boil in her chest. Failure was not an option. Either she returned to the Capital with Jane in tow, or she didn’t return at all. Hoyt’s forces were gathering, there was no time for games. 


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